Want to blog for us?

22h42 - 03 august 2017 / 0 comments

EnglishWaves wants to attract the most talented and passionate guest bloggers...

... to share their opinions on what’s going on in the world. If there’s a hot topic that you are an authority on, or perhaps there’s just something you want to get off your chest - either way we want to hear from you.

EnglishWaves is a radio station dedicated to talking about France in English. Please visit Les Programmes tab on our website to see which topics we cover.

We also cover global themes that are relevant and of interest to French people, such as technology and cookery.

Your submission must be topical and relevant to current affairs (just listen to our daily news bulletins if you’re stuck for ideas).
Write no more than 450-500 words.
Be original and do not write about something that’s already been covered to death.
Please do not plagiarise.
Structure it like a journalist would a news story. Think of an upside down pyramid- the salient points should be at the widest part to attract your reader’s attention.
Our team will always check entries for errors, but please pay attention to detail before you send in your copy. A litany of punctuation and grammatical errors will see your copy shelved.
No swearing unless you are quoting someone or a piece of text. Even then, please use **** where appropriate.
Political pieces are fine, but please make them balanced and do not praise nor attack political figures or parties.

• No libel or defamation of persons living or dead.

• Please tell us in your submission how you plan to publicise the blog, be it Facebook, Twitter etc.

• Unfortunately, EnglishWaves does not pay its contributors at the moment.

Please submit blogs to submissions@englishwaves.fr

Merci et bonne chance !