Let the Pros Make the Programmes

19h06 - 19 november 2017

Dr John Grierson explains why TV programme-making should be the preserve of the professionals, not children.

Turn Off, Tune Out and Don’t Buy It

11h22 - 12 november 2017

Dr John Grierson prescribes his antidote to the advertising campaigns poisoning commercial TV and radio.

Dear Auntie, You Need to Lose Weight

18h05 - 05 november 2017

Dr John Grierson explains why the BBC has, quite frankly, lost it.

Weinstein: the First Witch to be Hanged?

21h20 - 23 october 2017

News of TV and film mogul Harvey Weinstein’s alleged indiscretions have left us all saddened but not surprised.

Will Spain fall like Yugoslavia, if so who's next?

08h26 - 05 october 2017

On 31 December 1992, the Czech and the Slovak components of what used to be called Czechoslovakia parted peacefully...

Biocoop's Vision of Society

11h32 - 03 october 2017

Biocoop, the largest network of organic stores in France ...

Want to blog for us?

22h42 - 03 august 2017

EnglishWaves wants to attract the most talented and passionate guest bloggers...

Will London Fall? By Sarah Lyall, New York Times

13h32 - 20 april 2017

Will London Fall after Brexit? By Sarah Lyall.

Get dirty outside!

08h24 - 18 april 2017

One hour is the average time per day that children spend outside. One single hour, only!